Cost Optimized Platform for Software Delivery

Cut the AWS(EKS) Cost by 60% with the optimized cluster.Platform for Zero to Prod that gets ready in minutes,easiest way to deploy your apps on AWS


Cost reduction by enabling spot instances.


Cost savings by removing unused capacity via bin packing and downscaling.


Workloads run on spot instances with proper replica and balancing.


To get ready with the cost optimized cluster.

Automated Software Delivery Platform

Deploy, monitor and cut your EKS costs by 60% in just 5 steps.

Feature 01

Cost Optimized Kubernates Cluster

Complete CI/CD pipleline based on Gitops principles, that gets ready to run in minutes .

Easiest way to deploy your app on AWS

Just get started in a few minutes.

Feature Post 01

Cluster Card

Contains cluster status and information.

Feature Post 02

Real time cost/workload monitoring

Real time cost of application and workload , along with namespaces and other application stuffs like CPU, Memory,storage.

Feature Post 01

Application card

Contains information about the deployed application and status.

Feature Post 05
Cost optimized cluster

Get quickly from zero to prod

All-in-one Kubernetes automation platform


ArgoCD for Gitops deployment.

Kube Prometheus Stack

The stack for monitoring and observation.


Just-in-time Nodes for Any Kubernetes Cluster.


Infrastrucutre Provisioning.


Containerizing the applications.


EKS to deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use Karpenter along with our script to choose best nodes mostly spot instances which cost 90% less than On-Demand nodes to provision for cost saving and performance.Along with that the workload is properly resized and distributed across node(for free account you can check the suggession of CPU and Memory in specific application card, for premium users it will happen automatically).

Absolutely! you can find the backend and cloud code -

Absolutely not! You could keep using the applications created using us.Reversibility: Your apps run on your AWS account. If you are not satisfied with our product, we give you access to all generated configuration files (Terraform, Helm, and others) and keep running your infrastructure.

Our platform is free upto 100 deployments/month(cluster and applications). But you will incur charges from AWS for provisioning EKS cluster.It would be starting from around $320/month and more depending on the number of apps you deploy

We provision EKS and some open source packages like argocd, grafana, prometheus ,kubecost,karpenter,KEDA and more to get your cluster up and running for application deployment.

NO! Please, since we are deploying infra using Terraform and then helm charts on top, there would be drift, which would lead to failed cluster.

Yes you could delete the cluster, we would run the job to clean up everything, would also provide the list of apps provisioned during cluster deletion

Sure connect to us on discord-